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Building resilient operations

In the face of rising uncertainty, get ready for the unexpected. To build resilience, accelerate productivity improvement and operational flexibility.

Making cost engineering count

– Cost engineering isn’t just for car companies and chipmakers. Across sectors, complexity and cost pressures are giving companies... good reason to follow a more disciplined approach to finding savings.

Do you know where your budget is?

– Businesses that can’t see where their resources are going are flying blind. To respond to the unexpected, managers need... new capabilities that show where they are and how much room they have to maneuver.

Getting a handle on warehousing costs

– Rather than the traditional benchmark-based approach, a bottom-up analysis can determine what costs should be for any given warehouse,... helping companies prioritize improvements and investments.

A guidebook for heavy industry's digital journey

– Heavy industry has a lot to gain from the digital revolution. To capture the benefits, companies need the right kind of transformation... plan.

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Operations Blog

Short, sharp insights on all aspects of operations

Special collections


McKinsey on Industrial services: Reimagining how services organizations grow

– A set of paradigm shifts is forcing companies to rethink their approach to services businesses, to promote both growth and operational efficiency.

Customer First: Personalizing the customer care journey

Customer care functions that excel can differentiate their company from the competition. This compendium showcases what is possible when companies put customers first.

Zero-based productivity

ZBP aligns resources where they will matter the most and creates a culture of cost management to sustain the change over time.

Featured Video

Ops 4.0: The next frontier for operations

What is Ops 4.0, and how should companies prioritize their investment in digital and analytics? Yogesh Malik, co-leader of Ops 4.0 at McKinsey, discusses the four main areas organizations should focus on to target a potential 15 to 20 percent leap in productivity.

Digital Manufacturing


AI in production: A game changer for manufacturers with heavy assets

– Companies with heavy assets are improving throughput, energy consumption, and profit per hour with customized AI solutions.

The future of manufacturing: Your people

– New technologies are an enabler, not merely a goal in themselves.

Digitally enabled reliability: Beyond predictive maintenance

– To capture everything digital can offer in increasing reliability and reducing costs, companies should boost their digital-maintenance... ambitions.

Mapping heavy industry’s digital-manufacturing opportunities

– Manufacturing digitization could boost heavy-industry profit margins by three to five points—but only if people can make... the new technologies work at scale. The first article in a new series looks at the opportunity and the sector’s progress.

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Brexit: The bigger picture—Rethinking supply chains in a time of uncertainty

– UK companies can and should see the current high-uncertainty environment as a spur to rethink their supply chain strategies and... make them more resilient.

Korean manufacturing’s digital transformation must escape ‘pilot purgatory’

– South Korean manufacturers need more than gradual improvements—they need complete transformations through digital technologies.

The coming evolution of field operations

– New technologies are reshaping aftermarket services—and both customers and providers can benefit.

Radically rethink your strategy: How digital B2B ecosystems can help traditional manufacturers create and protect value

– Machinery companies that partner in a B2B ecosystem could fend off new waves of tech competition by developing the capacity to... deliver innovative aftersales and services offers.

The wisdom of transformations: How successful CEOs think about change

– What works and what doesn’t, from those who know.

Packaging solutions: Poised to take off?

– Major trends are reshaping packaging solutions—and that could open new opportunities for players that are prepared to move fast.

Future-proofing operations: Low-volume/high-complexity industries

– A few low-volume, high-complexity manufacturers are making real strides in responding to new market dynamics and technological... developments that are sweeping through the sector.

Growth dynamics in industrial robotics

– In-depth research and a new qualitative survey suggest what’s shaping the global industrial-robotics space and how OEMs... and systems integrators can help unleash the potential.

How lean is your field force—really?

– With the right approach, lean management can reduce your field force’s cost, even while improving customer experience. But... getting the details right matters.

The next big thing? Quantum computing’s potential impact on chemicals

– The chemical industry is poised to be an early beneficiary of the vastly expanded modeling and computational capabilities of quantum... computing. Companies must act now to capture the benefits.

What matters in customer-experience transformations

– McKinsey leaders provide an overview of the A, B, Cs of pulling together the building blocks of a customer-experience transformation.
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Special Collection

Customer experience

Creating competitive advantage by putting customers first and managing their journeys.

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The great re-make: Manufacturing for modern times

– What does “great” operational excellence look like and how do we get there?

The work of leaders in a lean management enterprise

– Learn what successful lean leaders do to integrate new technologies and approaches, and to ensure that the practices that support continuous improvement also improve continuously.

Unlocking Industrial Resource Productivity

– This e-book examines five core beliefs to increase profits through energy, material, and water efficiency.

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